On DVKES’ debut album “Push Through” we hear a very determined Joos Houwen singing the words ‘ We Finally Pushed through”. Three years after the release of their first EP “Let me go into the wild” that was well received on Belgian radio, DVKES (pronounce: Dukes) are now ready to play in the big leagues. DVKES worked with Mario Goossens (drummer Triggerfinger) for their album “Push Through”. They got together somewhere in a secluded house in Limburg (BE) and reached for the stars. The smooth collaboration resulted in a debut album that Joos Houwen (Vocals/guitar), Pieter-jan Janssen (bass), Maxim Helincks (Synths/guitar) and Antoni Foscez (drums) can beproud of. The catchy groove, the recognizable guitar sound and the contagious vocal melodies followed the lines of their EP “Let me go into the wild”. “Push through” is a solid group album (all songs and lyrics by DVKES) that surfs on the current neo-psychedelic waves. DVKES bring a mix of powerpop, indie rock, britpop (think Arctic Monkeys). They’ ve also taken on hints of krautrock and made it their own. Tracks like “The Boy Who Cries Wolf”and “We Finally Pushed Through” are two vivacious highlights on an excellent album. Let us be clear: DVKES is a band that wants to evolve and we believe they did when they recorded this great debut album.


Location: Volt (Mainstage)
Adress: Odasingel 88
Postal code: 6131GZ Sittard

Start: 22:00
Ends: 22:30

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