Lotte Walda

Lotte Walda

The beginning

Lotte was only three years old when she started to compose her own melody’s. She was eleven years old when she took her first singing classes and from the age of fifteen she joined many local and national singing competitions. this got her the attention of many festivals and local agencies.

The next step! 

Among 1200 other talents Lotte signed up for Giels Talent show.  (National Dutch Radio) In the end there where only a handful left and Lotte’s career got a boost! She was asked to record a single with a Dutch actress Faya Lourens and she sang a duet with Douwe Bop. (A famous dutch americana singer)

The record deal!

Lotte signed up for 2 years with Pledgy Records. She already launched her first single which has until now a thousand hits each day on Spotify. Her authentic and disarming stage-presence will absolutely charm you and therefor check out her live shows!

Keep u posted!:)


Location: Philharmoniezaal
Adress: Gats 1a
Postal code: 6131 EM Sittard

Start: 23:15
Ends: 23:45

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