Steal A Taxi

Steal A Taxi

It is dark. A smoke-filled room. A beat, and echo – a guitar rings out like in a western movie. A deep, pressing bass. And out of the smoke, a soft voice rises from a silhouette walking onto the stage: "I am everything you want, honey. I am everything you need, honey – but you, you don’t want me.

It is pop, it is fun, it is rock and it is soul with a dash of synthesizer – but, more than anything else, it is genuine, handmade and modern. Their own songs, their own stories – sold-out concerts. Three young men and a soul voice on their way up.

"Steal a Taxi", the quartet from Bonn, is far from being an unknown name on the music scene. This indie-soul-pop band from Bonn is made up of lead singer Makeda, guitarist Martin, bassist Carlos and drummer Florian and has been enthusing not only their German public with their music but also fans far beyond European borders. Their sound cannot be pressed into any one genre or category and the stories they tell resonate long after their performance in the hearts of their audience. And so, melodic, profound, slightly melancholic songs stand alongside funky, groovy sounds that urge you to put on your dancing shoes.

In 2015, Steal a Taxi published its first EP “You want what you don’t want” that deals with unanswered questions, yearning, everyday problems, life and love.
Carlos from Colombia, the band bassist and producer of the EP is responsible for a hybrid mixture of acoustic music and electro elements. With his beat, Flo sets the pace and brings with him many years of band experience. His drum solos, in themselves mini journeys through time, keep the audience captivated. Martin impresses with his distinctive guitar sound, inspired by the sound of rock and blues icons that he transports into modern times. As a songwriter, he also brings his talents to bear on the quartet's joint compositions. And, last but not least, the band's charismatic singer, Makeda, draws the crowd in with her sometimes shy, vulnerable, reserved and very nuanced, and at other times demanding, challenging voice. As a songwriter, she not only passes her message on through the texts, but also through her powerful, expressive and impressive live performance. Makeda also shows her talents on the bass and the piano in some of the songs. Steal A Taxi is a practised team of four friends and musicians whose music, in its own way, takes you on a trip through a variety of stories. This is the feeling that these four musicians desire to pass on to their audience when they are on stage; they want to build an emotional bridge for their audience taking them on a little excursion into their musical kingdom. The musicians' multicultural background – Makeda's (partly Caribbean), Martin's (partly Italian), Carlos' (South American) and Flo's (partly American) – lend Steal A Taxi's music a special international note that makes it quite distinctive.

As a band, Steal A Taxi can look back on a very eventful musical history. In addition to countless gigs and concerts, performances at 1Live, WDR Lokalzeit and various other radio and TV stations, in 2015 the band was accepted for the Popcamp masterclass (to promote excellence among talented, young German pop artists). In the same year, the band was able to wow 15,000 Chinese concert-goers, with their funky sound, at the International Music Festival in Chengdu, as cultural representatives of the City of Bonn. One of the definite highlights of the band's history, includes their 2016 performance at the Citizens' Festival of the Federal President of Germany, as well as a tour as part of the "Musik in den Häusern der Stadt" (Music in the Houses of the City) Festival.

Authentic, innovative and musically on the money – is the sound of the band's tracks and this is the path they want to follow in future. On 26 August, Steal A Taxi will be playing at the Alter Zoll in Bonn and on 8 November, they will be on stage at the iconic Harmonie in Bonn with a selection of their own songs, some of which are just hot off the press.


Location: Orange Oval (Market Square)
Adress: Markt
Postal code: 6131EL Sittard

Start: 22:30
Ends: 23:00

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