GEOFF WYLD; three guys in their twenties and an alternative indie rock band, with a flavour of diversities. Since the spring of 2016 we started the band, in the south of the Netherlands; the town of Vaals. In April 2017, we recorded some of our new songs at Husky Studio collective Heerlen, we are excited to let the crowd experience these songs! The three guys what are performing for you are: Leroy Huis as lead-singer and bassist, Patrick Claessens as backing-vocalist and guitarist and Jacko Franzen as vocalist and drummer. We, as musicians, had the chance to gain experience in the music industry with several other projects. Leroy and Patrick collaborated in their first band: New age blues. With this band they played on a range of stages in the province of Limburg and recorded some demo tracks. After this collaboration Leroy participated in a project of Stichting Popmuziek Limburg (Pop-music Limburg foundation), called Young Pioneers. With this band Leroy got a chance to catch a lot of experience with recording an album and cool gigs on stages like Volt in Sittard, the Netherlands. During this time Patrick started his solo-project Higsby, where he is at the moment still making some cool progress with, next to GEOFF WYLD. Some of his songs reached even some radio stations in Canada, so check him out for sure! Jacko gained experience with his former band Noisy-Motion. With this band he recorded an EP at Moon Music Studios in Maasbracht (the Netherlands) and reached with this music the semi-finals of the band-contest for the Pinkpop festival; Nu of nooit (Now or never). Next to this he played with this band on Dutch stages like Volt, de Effenaar and de ECI cultuur fabriek. "In the Limburgian music-scene and at our high school, we were familiar with each others musical background. Although, the real existence of GEOFF WYLD started with a random bus trip. Leroy and Jacko started to talk about a jam-session, where also Patrick was asked to play some cool riffs. Quickly after we found a musical connection and the plans for a band were born. With all enthusiasm and fun we have, we are excited to surprise every crowd with our sound!"


Location: Café Dwaas
Adress: Paardestraat 3
Postal code: 6131HA Sittard

Start: 21:00
Ends: 21:30

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General questions or remarks? We are always willing to answer your questions and are open to suggestions and comments. Send an email to Linda Erkens.


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