Bilé also called Aiden is a Singer-Songwriter from Limburg. He mainly plays covers from Nirvana, Ed Sheeran, AJJ, Cage The Elephant etc. He has been playing guitar for 6 years now and sings while he’s playing. He also attends the Pop Musician study at Arcus College where he learns a lot a musicians' life. He participated in Kunstbende in 2017 and has made it to the preliminary rounds. With his humor, up-tempo songs and ballads, he amuses many people. His biggest dream is to be able to play as a headliner at a festival later and that his songs will inspire people. Bilé also writes his own songs, especially about his own situation, in which the song also presents the solution to the problem. He tries to reach out to others with the same problem through music.


Location: Kunstbende stage
Adress: Markt
Postal code: 6131EL Sittard

Start: 23:40
Ends: 00:00

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