Floortje hover

Floortje hover
Floortje Hover (1995) has been making her own songs since she was 6 years of age. A select release of her debut album “Onderweg” was released in 2016 It got good reviews: “Sincere and from the heart.” Her second album “Verder Weg” was released recently. On this album of Dutch songs, Floortje was accompanied by a band. She’s thrown open the curtains and has taken a look outside. On this album, she shares what her day-to-day life looks like. Floortje has surrounded herself with musicians she can call her friends on guitar, bass and drums. Her guitar and crystal clear voice are at the front and centre. The band brings her songs to a higher level. Claudia de Breij was lucky enough to have a listen to her demo of “Verder Weg” and had the following to say: ‘You are very good!’ Last December Floortje’s song Isabelle won her the COC-song festival in Amsterdam. In the past year, she has stood on a number of stages in Limburg but also in the rest of the country. She was a guest artist for Roos Blufpand in Weert and Zwolle. In January she visited all of the theatres in Limburgs with a production of Medammecour on Tour.


Location: Café de Hollande
Adress: Markt 36
Postal code: 6131EL Sittard

Start: 21:30
Ends: 22:10

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