OTEO is a story about friendship across long distances: From Marrakesh to Berlin, from New York to Cologne. While producing their debut, up to 6000km separate Alvin Paris and Matteo Luis. More spare parts than underpants: Summer 2015, singer Alvin rattled towards Morocco on an old GDR motorcycle. Because they were so rickety, the luggage cases were packed with wrenches instead of shirts. He left his old life behind and he did not want to bring anything home except an iPhone full of song sketches. Producer Matteo was also taking a break from his old life at this time. He quit his mathematics studies for music studies in Berlin and New York, where he not only developed his professional knowledge, but also his artistic experience. In addition to gigs for institutions such as Vivienne Westwood and Adidas, he also worked on sound installations and interdisciplinary projects. Connected through the umbilical cord of the Internet, the Cologne duo works on songs establishing a unique danceable sound. A seemingly successful combination. Their first EP ‘Walking Blind’ received major support from Spotify, Apple Music, etc. by being featured in playlists such as New Music Friday (UK, Germany, and Turkey). It ultimately reached #28 of the iTunes Pop charts and the lead single You’re Lost even #13 of the German Spotify Viral-Charts. OTEO know where they want to go and music is taking them places, not only online. So far they played gigs at the internationally renowned Great Escape and the co/pop festivals, have been played and supported by numerous German radio stations such as 1LIVE and Radio Fritz as well as broadcasted live on the TV station WDR. They even have been awarded as the second best newcomer of 2018 by public program PopNRW.


Location: Café de Hollande
Adress: Markt 36
Postal code: 6131EL Sittard

Start: 23:50
Ends: 00:30

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