Wisdom comes with age. This is also the case for Yila. He may be blooming late but he has been blooming fiercely as a rapper and producer for the last few years. The former “batteraof”, as rascals are called in Maastricht, has now become a walking talking search engine for all things hip-hop, jazz, soul and funk. He uses this knowledge to create his own beats filling notebook after notebook. His proverbial rhymes supported by calm and friendly but also powerfull beats tell a story. He pillages thrift stores and record stores for records of yesteryear. The crunchy samples and nostalgic vibes in his songs are proof of this. He’s left climbing forbidden gates for climbing on stage. His white tank top, exactly like the ones grandfathers wear under their shirts, and flat cap accompany his big smile every time he looks out in the crowd. His prospective EP is called Stoffig (or dusty) for a reason. A glass of whisky, a mic and a beat: that’s all Yila needs to share his life lessons with the audience.


Location: Hip Hub Hooray AREA
Adress: Jardin Dísabelle, Kerkepad 1
Postal code: 6131 EZ, Sittard

Start: 21:20
Ends: 22:00

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