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When WHYBE was young his ¾ guitar and his love for Woodstock and the Sixties were important parts of his identity. Over the years he has developed into a musician with a unique and fascinating style that leaves a lasting impression on everyone that listens to his music. His melodic compositions and less-than-conventional lyrics, exhibited in unique interpretations and expressed in his remarkable voice set him apart from his peers. This unique, young musician has a depth that his contemporaries often don’t have access too. It is as if his melodies are taken from an yet-to-be-discovered source and easily get stuck in your mind after hearing them but once. This past year he spent a month in a small city in France, next o Mont Ventoux, living a solitary lifestyle and creating his new EP. The EP shall be released at the end of the year (but you will be able to hear music from it during his performance!) In 2017 he received the title ‘Best Musician of Limburg’ from Kunstbende and has been selected to join in with Popronde 2019!


Location: Ernesto's (Small stage)
Adress: Markt 32
Postal code: 6131EL Sittard

Start: 21:55
Ends: 22:35

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