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Ernesto's (Small stage)

Ernesto's (Small stage)

Ernesto's Cantina Mexicana at the market in Sittard is even more Mexican than Mexico. It is the oldest pub in Sittard. In addition, the case is an enthusiastic carrier of the virus tequila, but above all a very cozy cantina with acclaimed Dutch-Mex menu showing the legendary home-cooked spare ribs, frozen cocktails and Mexican wines.


Adres: Markt 32
Postcode: 6131EL Sittard
Telefoon: 046 458 13

Program (A-Z)

Geistha: 00:35 - 01:15
WHYBE: 21:55 - 22:35
Luise Weidehaas: 23:15 - 23:55

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