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The Calicos

The Calicos
Is this the Belgium solution for The War On Drugs? The Calicos moody guitar/indie-rock and Americana keys were the reason they won Humo’s Rock Rally 2018. The jury praised the band for their maturity and skill. The group of six musicians, led by singer-songwriter Quinten Vermaelen, is known for its layered and well-balanced live-set. People who love Bruce Springsteen, Wilco, Ryan Adams and Neil Young will also love the Calicos. During the last year the band has played many a concert in both Belgium and the Netherlands. They visited festivals like Linkerwoofer, Dijlefeesten and Kneistival, and played in the Roma, 4AD, Trix, Het Depot, Mezz and TivoliVredenburg. The Calicos also released three singles that were welcomed with open arms by Studio Brussel. Reinhard Vanbergen (Das Pop, Novastar) produced all three singles.


Location: Volt (Mainstage)
Adress: Odasingel 88
Postal code: 6131GZ Sittard

Start: 22:05
Ends: 22:50

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