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Down to the essential reduced club-sound. Electronically, technoid, danceable. Drums, bass, sounds. Sometimes flickers of a vocal sample or a hook that briefly ensures minimal variation. The details make the difference, the ones who get themselves into the music jump into an ocean of subtile programmed drum machines and endlessly analog synth loops. Performed by three musicians who have developed in the last 12 years together, in different constellations, on stage, a common understanding of music and now pooling on their own strengths. Magical, but sterile, clubby style. In a constant dialogue with the music is the decent light show between total light and cool darkness. So the german project “Grundrauschen” are less a band that tries to reach a perfect reproduction of their tracks, as more a Three-Man-DJ-Team on live instruments,which are in constant interaction with their audience. Since the inception in 2014, the small Electric-Baby developed into a fully grown Club-Bastard within a short time.... surly makes every dancefloor sweat.


Location: Volt (Mainstage)
Adress: Odasingel 88
Postal code: 6131GZ Sittard

Start: 00:55
Ends: 01:40

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