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Thrash metal band Velozza (est. 1983) was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area USA. The band is part of “The Big Five”: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax and Velozza. The only remaining original member is bass player Ron Beton. Guitarist Gary Bolt was struck by lightning in 1987. Drummer Dave Lambada committed suicide after hearing his last names hit song from Kaoma to much in 1989. Singer Tom Angelraper fucked the wrong Angel and died of Aids in 1991. After so much death, Beton was lost and went to the beautiful South part of The Netherlands. There he revived Velozza with fresh musicians. Singer/guitarist Jo from Below (ex Slaytanic), drummer Bill Powers (ex Mytholic) and guitarist Luke Lambo joint the band. The new songs we’ve made are louder, faster and more aggressive than ever.


Location: Volt (Small stage)
Adress: Odasingel 88
Postal code: 6131GZ Sittard

Start: 21:25
Ends: 22:05

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