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Maggie Dae

Maggie Dae
Maggie Dae is a singer-songwriter from Limburg. Music has always played a big part in her life. After being the frontwoman of a number of bands she has now decided to go her own way. Armed with the warm tones of her guitar and her expressive voice she creates pop music influenced by country and blues. Her songs, that often sound like stories, are about what she experiences in life and she wants to inspire the people in the audience by sharing these parts of her. Her performances are often intimate but she also has a number of energetic songs that really get the party started. Maggie Dae’s music is often like a throwback to the 60s and 70s but also connects with modern day artists like Jackson Browne, Douwe Bob and Ed Sheeran Her debut single ‘Rely On Myself’ was released om March 11, 2019.


Location: Volt (Café)
Adress: Odasingel 88
Postal code: 6131 GZ Sittard

Start: 20:20
Ends: 21:00

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