Borus Visser, otherwise known as Saigai, was born April 18th 2002 and his lived his whole life in Lottum, Limburg. He worked on his most prominent hobbies during his years at the Dendron College. It was here that he got his HAVO diploma. In his free time Borus draws, writes, plays games makes his own music and mixes music. Upon discovering Dubstep his love for making music only grew. The rough style and the heavy bass that is so typically Dubstep pushed him to create his own Dubstep tracks. Nowadays Borus creates Deathstep and Minatory; two subgenres that focus on dark sounds and an even rougher design. Borus’s passion for DJing and producing started when he saw his brother making music. It didn’t take long before he learned how to mix music and started mixing music in the genres he enjoyed most. It took a while longer before Borus focussed on producing music. Borus soon found out that his music could be played at festivals and in clubs. He started mixing music live on an actual turntable. Before then he’d only mixed music in the computer program ‘Virtual DJ’. This inspired him to join in with Kunstbende Limburg in 2017. Looking back on his performance during the first round, it became clear that it hadn’t been his best performance. Simply put, he hadn’t yet played enough live sets. But, this didn’t discourage him. In 2018 he returned to Kunstbende Limburg and this time he went through to the finals in Limburg. His performance was perfect but the competition was strong and he didn’t win a place in the top 3. In 2019 he gave it another go and this time he even mixed his own music into the set. He was able to come 2nd. There’s no other way but up for Borus so next year he’s sure he’ll win! Saigai’s festival are characterized by the double drops and mash-ups that fill his raw sound design and smooth transitions. During his set, you can even be introduced to his originals. Of course, Borus will always go all out himself as well. Saigai’s sets consist of dubstep, deathstep, minatory, trap, drum & bass, neuro and other heavy bass music.


Location: Silent Disco
Adress: Markt
Postal code: 6131 EL

Start: 23:30
Ends: 01:00

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