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Martin Sillen

Martin Sillen
The songs Martin Sillen creates always contain a mix of emotions, notions and melodies. The avid listener can hear the inner turmoil which is the fight between the various sides, but can also experience the ecstasy created in the harmonies. Martin Sillen combines solid grooves with harmonies that alternate between feeling both freeing and thrilling. This alternative Indie Rock band and its catchy hooks will stay stuck in your head for days to come. Martin Sillen (that went by the name of OOST for a while) played their debut set during Nu Of Nooit (a competition that determines which musician(s) open Pinkpop) and was rewarded with good reviews and a spot in the final. "This alternative Indie Rock band sounds good. Jops vocals combined with their catchy sound creates a band that knows what it's doing. " 3VOOR12/Limburg


Location: Café t Duvelke
Adress: Helstraat 3A
Postal code: 6131CZ Sittard

Start: 23:45
Ends: 00:25

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